The status quo of China's silencer market in 2018 and its future development trend report

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A muffler (Muffler) is a device that prevents sound from propagating and allows air to pass through. It is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise. Silencer is a noise-reducing device installed in the airflow path of an aerodynamic device (such as a blower, an air compressor, a boiler exhaust port, a generator, a pump, etc., which has a relatively noisy exhaust port) or an intake and exhaust system. Device.
There are many types of silencers, but the mechanism of noise elimination can be divided into six main types: resistive muffler, resistive muffler, impedance composite muffler, micro perforated plate muffler, and small holes. Silencers and active silencers.
The selection of silencers should be based on requirements for fire protection, moisture protection, corrosion protection, cleanliness, location of installation space, spectral characteristics of noise sources, system natural sound attenuation, system air regeneration noise, room allowable noise levels, allowable pressure loss, equipment prices and many other factors Comprehensive consideration and emphasis on the actual situation. The general situation is: The louder the volume of the silencer is, the greater the pressure loss and the price is; when the volume is the same, the smaller the pressure loss, the greater the space occupied by the silencer.
The new series of high-efficiency and anti-overflow silencer devices are widely used in power generation, chemical, metallurgy, textile and other industrial plants for the exhaust of various models of boilers, steam turbines, fans, and safety gates. This series of mufflers is developed based on the principles of resistance, spray, and resistance compound noise elimination. It has many advantages such as large volume, small size, light weight, and easy installation and maintenance.
Based on the research findings of the muffler industry in China for 2018 and the report on the status quo of the Chinese muffler industry, the senior research team will analyze and classify various information in the muffler market based on the current status of the Chinese muffler industry market. , And relying on the national authoritative data resources and long-term market monitoring database, the muffler industry conducted a comprehensive and detailed investigation and research.
The 2018 China Muffler Market Status Survey and Future Development Trends Report released by China Industry Research Network can help investors accurately understand the market status of muffler industry, make investment predictions for the muffler industry for investors, and tap the muffler industry investment. Value, at the same time put forward proposals for investment strategies, marketing strategies, etc. in the silencer industry.




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