Sound-absorbing material drying equipment Did you choose right?

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  Sound-absorbing material drying equipment Did you choose the right? Microwave muffler material drying equipment Uses: The equipment is used for the drying and curing of automotive, building insulation material coatings. The characteristics of microwave drying: 1, microwave can penetrate inside and outside the object at the same time heating, so the part with high moisture content, absorb microwave power more than the part with lower water content, using this feature can achieve uniform heating and Uniformly drying. 2. Energy-saving and efficient. The microwave directly acts on the material. Therefore, there is no extra thermal energy loss, so the thermal efficiency is extremely high, and can save 30% compared with the far-infrared heating. 3, a short time. High efficiency. Microwave heating is to make the heated object itself into a heating body, no heat conduction process, greatly reducing the drying time. 4, the device is simple, microwave power adjustable, adjustable transmission speed.


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