Silencer Application Range and Usage Considerations

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A muffler (Muffler) is a device that prevents sound from propagating and allows air to pass through. It is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise. Silencer is a noise-reducing device installed in the airflow path of an aerodynamic device (such as a blower, an air compressor, a boiler exhaust port, a generator, a pump, etc., which has a relatively noisy exhaust port) or an intake/exhaust system. Device.
1. TA type steam safety valve silencer for all kinds of steam safety valve
2. TB type ignition and exhaust muffler suitable for boilers and other steam equipment
3. TD low pressure steam muffler applicable to all types of low temperature and low pressure thermal devices.
4. It is applicable to the special silencer of TC type flush pipe after the boiler test purge and industrial pipeline installation and maintenance
5. PB series small hole injection muffler for pipeline exhaust gas
6. CF type fan silencer for ventilation ducts
7. CP diesel generator exhaust silencer for diesel engine exhaust silencer
8. XB type ventilation duct silencer sound-absorbing film used for ventilation ducts
9. Industrial sound-absorbing sound insulation cover for sound insulation of equipment
1. The resistive muffler has the characteristics of absorbing medium and high-frequency sounds, and is simple in processing and manufacturing. It is generally used in air-conditioner fans, compressors, gas turbines, blowers and other blower fans.
2. The resistance muffler has strong pertinence, has a significant effect on low-frequency sound absorption, and does not require sound-absorbing materials. Generally can only be used for exhaust silencing of small pipelines, such as exhaust silencers for automobiles, ships, diesel engines, etc.
3. Impedance muffler has the characteristics of noise reduction bandwidth and safety. It is mainly used for noise reduction with high sound level, but low IF frequency broadband noise. Such as steam turbines, deaerators, expansion containers, small-displacement safety valve exhaust and so on.
4. The small hole type muffler has a low intermediate frequency broadband noise attenuation performance, a small hole diameter can increase the sound absorption coefficient, a low porosity can increase the width of the sound absorption band, and the depth of the hole plate can change the position of the resonance sound absorption peak. The small hole muffler has the advantages of tight design, absorption frequency bandwidth, small loss resistance, high temperature resistance, and long service life. It is generally used for venting of high pressure equipment such as boilers and compressors.
5, anti-overflow resistance composite muffler has a silencer frequency bandwidth, a wide range of uses, noise reduction, high temperature and pressure, not afraid of water vapor and oil mist and other advantages. It is based on the well-known Chinese acoustician Ma Dazhao's hole injection noise elimination theory and has been successfully developed. It is also China's latest structural exhaust muffler, and all power plants generally choose to use it.
6. The through-hole blocking type muffler has the advantages of smooth exhaust, high temperature resistance, and strong anti-interference. It is generally used for exhaust muffler such as safety valve, exhaust valve, steam turbine and blowpipe.


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